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Launching Adjutas

Posted on 14-April-2020 by Krishnan

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We are excited to announce that today we have launched our third product. It’s called Adjutas. It’s a cloud based asset management software for small and medium sized businesses.

With Adjutas businesses can now manage and track all their assets effectively. Every asset in every room and beyond is mapped and tracked with the help of qr codes.

Adjutas comes with mobile apps which makes it easy for stakeholders and managers to stock of all the assets in the property or department.

Following are the benefits of Adjutas:

  • 100% on the cloud and hence does not require any expensive hardware or software to run

  • Integrated with Geedesk

  • Industry specific for hotels and hospitals but can also meet the requirements of other verticals

  • Assets can be tagged and tracked with QR codes

You can reach out to us at sales at

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