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Rebirth of Adjutas

Posted on 27-April-2020 by Krishnan

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Adjutas was launched in 2016 as a cloud based software for organizations to manage their assets and the related complaints and incidents. It was a huge application and we wrote code day and night constantly for over 10 months.

To the contrary we could not find much interest in the market for Adjutas. We had some customers with one or two licences and some customers in our free plan. Apart from that there was not much revenue that we were able to generate from Adjutas.

In a nutshell Adjutas was a fusion of a helpdesk software, an asset management and an ITIL tool. We hoped that a lot of businesses and IT managers would be interested. But unfortunately other than the very few majority of the businesses did not care much. Also our pricing strategy for selling user accounts was wrong as businesses just needed one licence to manage all their assets.

Time passed by and in early 2017 during one sales call we came across the idea of Geedesk. It was a do or die situation for us so we butchered Adjutas and spun off Geedesk in the shortest possible time. We devised the system architecture in a way that it was very similar to Adjutas and yet fulfilled the client requirements. This ensured that we did not write a lot of code and were able to launch Geedesk in just four weeks.

Since then our entire concentration was on Geedesk and we kept adding more features working on it full time. We did not retire Adjutas but stopped working on it. However we continued supporting our existing customers.

Fast forward to 2019, in one of our client meetings we came across a requirement for which Adjutas was the right fit. Obviously it needed some changes and tweaks but it pretty much met the customer requirements right out of the box. We proposed the same to them and they were ready to work with us.

So we have again started work on Adjutas, but this time Adjutas is an asset management software. We have temporarily unplugged the complaints and incident module and will decide on it as things develop.

It’s really nostalgic to imagine how we have come full circle and launched various products with the one that we developed at the beginning and then relaunching the same software again in a slightly different avatar.

We believe the future has more exciting things in store for Adjutas but for now we would like to announce that Adjutas has seen a rebirth.

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