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- Tony Robbins

Become an Adjutas reseller and generate a whole new revenue stream.

We’ve designed the Adjutas Reseller Program to ecquip and empower you to sell and service our products. We believe that our resellers are the core block of our business and we look forward to growing together with our resellers.

Who can become an Adjutas Reseller?

Any one can become a reseller, but the reseller program is best suited for existing G Suite, Freshdesk & Zoho Resellers.

What are the core benefits of Adjutas Reseller Program?

- As Adjutas is best suited for the IT & Network teams, you can easily upsell Adjutas to your existing G Suite or Freshdesk customers.

- Additional product in your arsenal to upsell to existing customers.

- Earn 40% margin on every licence you sell.

- Commission transferred in 24 hours after receiving payment from your customer.

How much you can earn?

Sales Projection
Earnings per month
Earnings per year
10 licences / month Rs.22,000/- Rs.2,64,000/-
50 licences / month Rs.1,10,000/- Rs.13,20,000/-
100 licences / month Rs.2,20,000/- Rs.26,40,000/-

What else do resellers get

- Authorised reseller logo

- Web console to manage all customers, invoices & commissions

- Product training

- Dedicated partner page to help in sales & SEO

- Sales collaterals

- Free unlimited listing on partner website -

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