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IT Managers from all over the country talk about how Adjutas has helped them to make their IT and service management more efficient and professional which in turn has increased end user productivity by 20%.

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Rajeev, IT Manager, Olympus Media

We have been looking for a service desk & asset management software for quite sometime. Our global team uses servicenow, but somehow we did not find it very useful. In fact is was an overkill for us.

On the other hand Adjutas is very simple and cost effective.

When we learnt about Adjutas we felt it was the exact software for us. It had both service desk and asset management modules. This helped us to keep track of the issues and the assets which had issues. This is helped us better understand about our vendors and our assets which in my opinion valuable.

The team at Adjutas was also very responsive and they helped us understand the software. They also took our feedback and requirements seriously and implemented the same in a very short duration.

Prem, IT Manager, SPR Group

When I looked in the market for a service desk software, Freshdesk was my straight forward choice, but then I found this facebook post about Freshdesk vs Adjutas. I fell in love with what Adjutas has to offer for the cost which was a far better deal than Frehdesk's offerings. This comparsion made my decision easier.

Overall I'm happy with what I got with Adjutas. They offer personal attention and I love regular calls from their customer success manager.

The Adjutas team also listened to my feedback and requirements and readily implemented the same in the software. They have been very flexible to accomodate our requirement in their product roadmap.

Purushotham, IT Manager, NAC Jewellers

At first I wasn't sure about signing up for Adjutas, but I guess I will never think otherwise now.

I loved the fact that Adjutas was feature rich. It packed so many features that organisations can feel the value almost from day one.

My favorite service in Adjutas is the flawless integration between tickets, incidents, assets and vendors. Previously we used to maintain all the tickets in email and the assets in a spreadsheet but now they all are in a single platform and closely integrated with perfect insights and reports.

I'm thankful to Adjutas for providing these services to our organisation.

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