Asset Management

What is Asset Management

Traditionally asset management has been restricted to only IT Asset Management. This means assets like computers and laptops are recorded and tracked whereas assets like beds, chairs, tables etc, are kept out of consideration.

Asset Management with Adjutas

With Adjutas organizations can now record, track and monitor all their assets easily. This enables organizations to understand the total cost of ownership (TCO) for all the assets and not just the IT assets.

What is an Asset Management Software?

Asset management is a very tedious and a data intensive process. Managing these assets and updating and tracking them without a software could be even more complicated and can involve multiple documents or spreadsheets.

In addition to that, retrieving analytics and reports related to the assets can be close to impossible in the absense of an asset management software.

Benefits of Asset Management Software

Asset Catalog / Record

Managing Employee Requests

Employees can easily place requests for new assets wwith the help of a digital form and these requests can be digitally logged as part of the procurement process. It also makes it easy to deploy and track the requested assets.

Tracking Assets

An asset management software like Adjutas allows technicians and managers to quickly retrieve asset information by scanning the QR Code affixed to the asset as part of the asset tragging process.

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