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Adjutas Incident Management software is a cloud-based solution for handling your organization's incidents. Any sort of failure or disruption caused to your IT service – be it configuration items or assets – is an incident. Your first priority in such a scenario is to restore normal service, minimize your impact on business operations, and ensure best possible service level agreement. Awareness of the cause of the major incidents is imperative, and might need root cause analyses to understand it better to take responsive action. You need to establish a prompt resolution or workaround to restore service at the earliest.

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Adjutas IT Incident Management software capture incidents through various mediums - right from the self-service portal, phone calls, chats, emails, web interface, to even the ones raised in person. Prioritize and assign tickets based on the impact and urgency of the failure or interruption. Automate and route incidents directly to the right agent or support team. Reduce tickets by creating a knowledge base with all the solutions to problems one might come across in your service desk and save time for everyone.

Collaborative Inbox

With collaborative agents can now easily see all the new tickets in the queue to which they are assigned. This helps all agents in a particular queue to be on the same page.

Once the agents take the ticket, it can only be seen by themselves and their managers.

Tickets can be created in one of the following ways:
- Sending email to the queue email address
- Manually by the agents
- By the end user or customer using the end user/customer login

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Unlimited Support Channels (queues)

Being part of the IT support customer support teams you might be asked to support multiple products or serivces. Adjutas has your back in those situations.

The multiple support channels or queues help organisations to categorise tickets into respective queues.

This means that apart from admins the agents & the managers of a particular queue are the only people who can have access to the tickets of the respective queue.

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Tickets integrated with Assets & Categories

We believe that the tickets are futile and standalone data. With the assets or categories it becomes easy to analyse the data for interventions.

Meet or exceed customer expectations every time with SLAs

Service Level Agreement

With the service level agreement you can now define your own SLA and meet your customer or organisation's expectations.

In Adjutas you can now define specific SLA to specific channels (queues). This offers organisations the flexibility to have SLAs for each queues. The same flexibility also extends to the priority levels of the tickets.

Meet or exceed customer expectations every time with SLAs

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