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Knowledge Base

With Adjutas, you can help your customers or users get answers instantanly. Using the knowledge base in Adjutas you can document and share faqs, tutorials and technical documentation easily.

The agent only section in the knowledge base articles can be used to add contents which only the logged in agents can see.

The knowledge base in Adjutas helps you in creating your own categories and associated articles easily. You can also toggle the article between publish and unpublish modes which makes it very much easier for multiple users to review and approve the articles.

The knowledge base are completely customisable and you can also add custom colors to your knowledge base.

Use the built in knowledge base for your documentation requirement


There are times when an organisation grows and with growth its requirement changes.

A growing organisation might need a more advanced knowledge base platform with features like custom domain etc. We at Adjutas take care of this requirement.

With our add-on tool KnowledgeTouch you can now have a powerful & comprehensive knowledge base on the cloud which features like custom domain, custom themes, scalable infrastructure & much more.

Learn how knowledgetouch have helped organisations serve their customers & end users better

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