Benefits of Adjutas

Software is a great combination between artistry and engineering.
- Bill Gates

Adjutas is an intelligent cloud based helpdesk and service desk and asset management software.

Integrated approach

We have been working with system administrators and IT managers for more than half a decade and we were surprised to learn that most of the IT teams used spreadsheets to manage their assets and some opensource software to manage tickets.

Adjutas changes this by brining ticket management, incident management and asset management under one platform.

Benefits of the integrated approach

  • In-depth analysis of tickets and the assets to which they are linked.

  • Makes it easy to track assets which are the cause for the tickets or incidents.

  • This approach makes it easy to map the tickets to the assets which are in turn linked to respective vendors and maintenance policies. The provides deep insights on the overall performance of the services.

  • Easy tracking of budget spent and budget balance.

  • Schedule and monitor maintenance of assets. For example, assets with maximum issues can be scheduled for maintenance at shorter intervals compared to other assets.

The Adjutas Gurantee

When we sat down to build Adjutas we wanted the resultant software to offer the following results to our customers :

  • Your data belongs to you and not to us. You can raise a request to get a copy of your data anytime.

  • We take data security and software uptime very seriously. So far we have managed to to provide 99.9% uptime. Please do read our blog on how we protect your data.

  • In case if we ever shutdown, we will provide you the entire software along with your data and your business will not be affected. Read more...

  • Customer support through email, phone and in-person.

  • Implementation of new feature requests into Adjutas.

Adjutas Overview

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Adjutas is a web based asset management software.

With Adjutas there is no confusing licencing deal or complex software setup.







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